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Cecilia Wirén

Long time coder - Active Solution

Add Security into your Agile Process
TAUBE ROOM, Monday 13:00 - 13:50

For whatever reason we didn't really bring with us the aspects about security when moving from a waterfall to an agile process. But that is not a good excuse for negligence it. Also the threat landscape have changed quite a bit since then. So what should you practically do to incorporate the security aspects into your regular development loop? This session will give you some practical ideas to improve your security work as well as giving you the means to continue do so.

Cecilia Wirén

Cecilia Wirén is a senior devloper from Active Solution. She has been selected as Microsoft MVP for several years and is frequently speaking at Conferences and for User Groups. Last couple of years she has found herself in the DevOps area but is still a developer by heart and also still cares a lot about security. She find herself a new interesting hobbie now and then but constantly love board games.