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Nils Hedström

Cloud-ninja at If PnC Insurance

Taking Azure Container Apps for a spin

Azure Container Apps was announced in November last year. According to the website it is a way to ”Build and deploy modern apps and microservices using serverless containers”. It seems to be in the middle of Azure Web Apps and Azure Kubernetes Service when it comes to ease of use and comes with some interesting functionality.
But does it keep what it promises? Is it easy to use? What does it mean to scale your containers (to zero) using Keda and how is it to develop applications using Dapr? Nils will share his experience using Azure Container Apps in a real project.

Nils Hedström

Nils is a developer/architect with 20+ years of experience developing web solutions. He works for If PnC Insurance in Stockholm as a full stack developer and is using the latest technologies from Microsoft and puts almost everything in Azure. He likes to learn new things, finding the best way to use technologies but also to share his knowledge with his colleagues. When he is not standing in front of a computer he is usually skydiving.