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Ruby Jane Cabagnot

Full-Stack .NET/React Developer at Avanade | Published Book Author

Securing ASP.NET Core 6 with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect: Making the Complicated, Less So.

OAuth2 and OpenID Connect are popular standard protocols for implementing security features to protect your application and data from unauthorized access. In this session, let's simplify the flow of OAuth2 and OpenID Connect. Let's see how we can secure our ASP.Net Core App using the Microsoft Identity Platform, enabling us to add identity authentication and authorization of our solution in a few easy steps.

Ruby Jane Cabagnot

Ruby Jane Cabagnot is a full-stack DotNET/Java/Reactjs developer based in Oslo, Norway, and works for Avanade Norway.

She believes that to be interesting, one must BE interested. You can find her on Twitter @rubyjane88

Published Book: * Practical Enterprise React: Become an Effective React Developer in Your Team

Speaking Conferences: * NDC London 2022 * NDC Oslo 2021 * NDC Oslo 2020 * NDC Sydney 2020