Jonah Andersson

Senior Azure Consultant at Solidify, Cloud DevSecOps Engineer • Microsoft MVP • Microsoft Certified Trainer • MCT Regional Lead • Book Author

Developing Event-Driven and Cloud-Native Apps in .NET using Azure Functions on Azure Container Apps

Do you want to improve the way you develop .NET apps, APIs, serverless workflows, and microservice-based web applications?

Think about the practical uses, benefits and enhanced flexibility you and your development team can achieve by creating event-driven and cloud-native applications, with the added advantage of hosting them on containers in the cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure.

In this session, you will gain a technical overview and code demo of developing .NET applications on Azure Functions with a twist. Discover how to combine and integrate serverless development with the cloud containerization technologies we use today. Develop .NET applications (and even with other programming languages) using Azure Functions hosted within Azure Container Apps, which supports KEDA and Dapr integration for microservices and event-driven cloud native apps.

Jonah Andersson

Jonah Andersson is a Developer and Lead Cloud DevOps Engineer based in Sweden. She works as a Senior Azure Consultant at Solidify.

With a solid academic background in Computer Science and System Development, Jonah specializes in .NET technologies and excels in cloud development, particularly within Microsoft Azure. Passionate about solving complex problems and crafting modern applications, Jonah succeeds in working with cloud platforms like Azure, and her expertise in cloud computing and development has earned her international recognition. She is recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Microsoft Certified Trainer for her contributions to the tech industry. Her book, 'Learning Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing and Development Fundamentals (O'Reilly Media), further highlights her expertise and the depth of her technical knowledge.

She actively engages in tech communities and international events, fosters connections, and shares insights with fellow developers. Jonah's leadership extends beyond her technical expertise. As the founder and leader of the Azure User Group Sweden, where she leads, guide and inspire tech to others. Her advocacy for gender equality and inclusion in tech, recognized by her Developer of the Year award at the Nordic Women in Tech Awards 2023, is a testament to her commitment to making the tech industry a more inclusive space. She actively mentors aspiring women in tech careers and co-hosts the Extend Women In Tech Podcast, to inspire inclusive tech for all.