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Martin Ullrich

Senior Consultant at Tietoevry Austria

Exploring Source Generators
Katrinebergssalen, Wednesday 15:15 - 16:05

Meta-programming is now easily available to all of us in C#! Roslyn’s “Source Generator” feature is a handy tool for making day-to-day work quicker and automating tedious coding tasks or build processes with direct compiler integration. While this compiler feature was introduced in C# 9 already, new features in .NET 6 and 7 now make use of it to help you with tasks like JSON serialization and logging. In this session, we will look into what source generates can or could be used for, explore the new source generator based .NET 6 and 7 features and implement a custom source generator.

Martin Ullrich

I am a software engineer working on diverse tech stacks but focusing mostly on .NET in C#, Web Technologies and iOS/Swift.

I am a technology enthusiast who always works on improving development and DevOps processes at our company to make life easier for developers and help deliver high. I was awarded Microsoft MVP for community and open-source work around .NET Core.