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Simon Wåhlin

Chief Technical Architect - Advania

PowerShell - C# for the terminal
Telerummet, Wednesday 13:55 - 14:45

Do you need some pipeline logic? Write some integration tests? Deployment logic? Or even build complex cross platform tools?

PowerShell is a language based on .NET. Even if it can't compete with the execution speed of C#, it harnesses the full power of .NET and is designed to be easy to learn. In this high paced and demo packed primer, Simon will share some examples of where PowerShell could come in handy for developers and demonstrate some of the lesser known features.

Simon Wåhlin

Azure consultant at Advania by day, coder by night. Simon has a passion for automation and uses that to help customers be effective when building solutions in Azure. He helps customers with both strategy, design and implementation of modern cloud solutions. Simon also teaches PowerShell, hosts user group meetings, blogs and talks at conferences. With a background in IT-support and IT-operations and a strong interest for development he is trying to find his place in the gap between Dev and Ops.