Cecilia Wirén

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Your new colleague; GitHub Copilot
Katrinebergssalen, Wednesday 15:15 - 16:05

Step into the future of coding with GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered companion transforming the realm of programming. It's your coding buddy, predicting and supplying the right code snippets in real time to boost efficiency.

Learn how, with a slight shift in perspective, using Copilot can dramatically enhance your productivity. Encounter a whole new dimension of coding, where humans and AI work together in harmony, not competition. By embracing this AI co-pilot, we're not just altering the code we write; we're transforming the way we interact with coding itself.

Cecilia Wirén

Cecilia Wirén is an accomplished senior developer at Active Solution with over two decades of significant experience in the world of technology. Her accomplishments have been recognized multiple times with the prestigious Microsoft MVP award, marking her as a leading expert in her field. Renowned for her expertise, Cecilia is often invited to share her insights at conferences and user group meetings, contributing to the collective knowledge of the tech community.

Cecilia's professional journey has seen her delve into several specialized areas, including Security and DevOps. Now, the fascinating field of artificial intelligence has captivated her interest, progressively occupying more space in her array of expertise. As an early adopter a decade ago, Cecilia has seamlessly integrated AI into her repertoire, harnessing its potential to drive innovative solutions.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Cecilia is an avid board game enthusiast and enjoys exploring new hobbies, reflecting her versatile interests.