Egil Hansen

Distinguished Developer at Delegate, Microsoft MVP, creator of bUnit and AngleSharp.Diffing.

Blazor-testing from A to Z
Telerummet, Wednesday 15:15 - 16:05

This session will discuss and showcase the different Blazor testing strategies, libraries, and tools available to us, so whether you are building a website, web app, or a reusable Blazor component library, you can pick the ones that yield the most bang for the buck.

Specifically, this session covers end-2-end testing, component testing, unit testing, Playwright, bUnit, snapshot testing, semantic markup comparison, emulating user interactions, and how and when to use test doubles (e.g., mocks).

We will cover these topics with the goal of creating tests that protect against regressions, are resistant to refactoring, are maintainable, and give fast feedback.

Egil Hansen

Experienced software developer/architect, international speaker, and Microsoft MVP for developer technologies, with a strong focus on creating maintainable software that solves real business problems in the cloud and on-prem, using techniques and practices such as domain-driven design, test-driven development, and following clean-code principles.

Egil is also the creator and maintainer of bUnit, an open-source library for testing Blazor components, and AngleSharp.Diffing, a library for semantic comparison of HTML in C#.

Egil has worked with many technology stacks and architectural patterns throughout his career. He is now primarily focused on the .NET ecosystem, including backend and front-end technologies, and developing solutions running in the cloud.