Marco De Sanctis

Azure-holic freelance and Microsoft MVP

Elevate Your ASP.NET Core Solutions with Azure OpenAI
Telerummet, Wednesday 16:20 - 17:10

Very few advancements in technology have been so disruptive like Open AI's Chat GPT: thanks to its capability of handling unstructured data, and the ease of customization of its behaviour, we can now bring our applications to a level never seen before.

Azure OpenAI exposes all this horsepower to our applications: we can integrate our ASP.NET Core and Blazor solution with GPT models and provide functionalities which were simply unthinkable just a few months ago.

During this talk we'll demonstrate some practical examples of how to do that: as a first step, we'll familiarise with the GPT's deployment model and completion API, and then shift our usage model from a simple chat to something closer to a programmable AI model. We'll show how, simply engineering the requests, we can bend its behaviour to accomplish a whole sort of different tasks, like translating content, extracting structured data or execute classifications.

As a last step, we'll then show some approaches to further refine the behaviour, fine tuning the model or integrating its pre-trained knowledge with our custom datasets, generating responses and content which are truly unique to our business.

Marco De Sanctis

My name is Marco and I have an incredible passion for technology which I had the privilege to turn into a job. I’ve been working with .NET since the first beta, focusing on ASP.NET and, more generally, anything that is web related. I’ve been an early adopter of Microsoft Azure – who remembers the portal in Silverlight? 😃 – and, since its introduction, Cloud technologies have represented the core of my professional interest.

Today I work as a freelance Solutions Architect in the beautiful London, focusing on Cloud transformation. Getting involved in the .NET and Azure community is also a key aspect of my profession: I’m convinced that knowledge sharing is one of the best ways to improve our professional skills, and therefore I try to dedicate as much time as I can to activities such as writing articles or speaking at conferences and meetups. Thanks to that, I’ve been awarded as a Microsoft MVP for the last 13 years in a row.