Morten Nielsen

CTO - Order Impact

4 years later with 80% generated code
Trekanten, Thursday 10:10 - 11:00

About a decade ago I wrote a model driven code generator. I've now had the honor of using it in practice for our architecture for almost 5 years.

About 80% of our code is generated. My developers focus primarily on architecture or business logic. Boilerplate code and patterns are covered by the code generator.

This talk is about what we've learnt during this time of using generated code, the benefits, and potential draw-backs.

Morten Nielsen

Morten has been the CTO for 3 startups and has historically spoken about continuous delivery and offline capable web applications.

His primary focus is developer productivity and teamwork through technical choices.

He has developed software for a wide range of applications in a wide range of environments. Not only has he fought corruption in Ghana but has helped digitalize the real estate maintenance industry in early 2000s. Currently he is changing the way the supply chain for the food and beverage industry works.