Nikos Delis

Senior Cloud Engineer & Cloud Evangelist @ Helo, Sweden

They challenged me to create a stable Azure solution, using only the cheapest tiers.
Telerummet, Wednesday 13:55 - 14:45

Joke's on them cause I would have done the same even without the restriction! This is the story of an Azure architecture that was designed to consume 100 requests per hour, then the requirements changed and we had to consume 1000 requests per minute, while the budget remained the same. In this session, I will show you the tricks I used to go around the various limitations of Azure's cheapest (yet production-eligible) tiers of Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure Data Factory, Azure Service Bus and others. Spoiler: I used code here & there.

Nikos Delis

Microsoft Certified x6, Senior Cloud Architect and tech enthusiast. Passionate about software architecture and solution design.

During my ~10 years of hands-on experience in Software Engineering, I have primarily focused on .NET-based solutions and Azure as a cloud-services provider. I have worked with pretty much all kinds of applications, from small Windows Forms tools to large-scale enterprise web-based solutions. The more I code, the more I realize that my true passion is solution design and software architecture, regardless of tech-stack and platform.

Sharing knowledge and insights is the finest thing I know and the one thing I love the most in the IT community.