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Igor Andriushchenko

Snow Software

Hands-on: Integrating Application Security with .NET ecosystem
Oscarssalen (2nd floor), Friday 15:40 - 16:30

A session that guides the audience through the best approaches to integrating AppSec into .NET development workflow, turning CI into your best security guard and making security everyone's responsibility at R&D - built on real examples from the field .NET development.

Igor Andriushchenko

Igor has been building CI/CD pipelines and improving the development processes since 2013. He worked in Finland and Sweden for Nokia, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, and now - Snow Software, the world leader in building SAM products. In his role of Security Lead, Igor focuses on enhancing the Application Security, coordinating external Security tests of products, improving SDLC, educating employees on Secure development. Igor holds Master's degree in Machine Learning (Aalto University, Finland).