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Jakob Ehn

Active Solution

Design your Architecture for Continuous Delivery
Bankettsalen (2nd floor), Thursday 11:10 - 12:00

Continuous delivery is more popular then ever before, with more and more teams doing continuous integration and using cloud platforms for faster delivery. But no matter how good your tooling is, if your architecture doesn't allow you to easily change, build and deploy small parts of your application with zero downtime you won't reap the benefits of continuous delivery.

In this session we will discuss how we can design our architecture to support continuous delivery. We will cover topics such as Micro services, designing for stability with patterns such as Circuit Breaker, and how we can achieve zero downtime deployments for our applications and databases.

Jakob Ehn

Jakob has 15 years of experience with professional software development, and currently works as a senior developer at Active Solution, specializing in Visual Studio ALM.  

Jakob is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP and also a Visual Studio ALM Ranger, and loves to push things like Visual Studio, TFS and Visual Studio Team Services to its limits. He has spoken at several different conferences and user groups, such as DevSum, Tech Days, TechX and SweTugg.