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Jonathan Jonsson

Decerno AB

SQL Server 2016 Query Store
Ordenssalen (3rd floor), Thursday 11:10 - 12:00

How are we working with the SQL Server 2016 Query Store?

Query store gives you the ability to get a better view of the performance of SQL Server and get it broken down to individual queries and you can get a view of how queries perform over time.

I will guide you through what you can see in Query store and how we use the information available. I will talk both about the Graphs in Management Studio and about the tables in the database. Will give some real life examples when Query store saved the day and gave us time to fix the query later instead of having to do it when it was slow.

Jonathan Jonsson

Jonathan is a systemarchitect at Decerno, he likes to solve problems, both big and small, and are especially interested in performance in SQL Server. He also likes to work with continuous integration, testing and monitoring. He has worked with systemdevelopment for over 12 years.