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Lena Nyström Wiberg

AFA Försäkring

10 commandments of Testing
Bankettsalen (2nd floor), Friday 15:40 - 16:30

Tired of saying "That's not in the requirements", "Works on my machine" or "It has always worked before"?

With 12 years of experience as a developer and almost as many in Testing/QA Lena has collected a large tool kit and a lot of experience to aid her when figuring out a new application or test new functionality. Something she noticed along the way is that the same types of bugs are found over and over again regardless of team, tech or type of system. Over the years she has spent a lot of time showing the developers how to find these common problems themselves so that she can focus on finding the nastier stuff underneath. Now it is YOUR turn to learn!

Lena will go through her top ten tips (plus a few bonuses) for anyone who wants to know how a tester thinks, what types of bugs are usually always found and basically give you a chance to avoid angry testers thinking you should have tested your code better.

Lena Nyström Wiberg

Lena first entered the IT-industry during the last trembling years of the 20th century. She currently works as a Group manager for QA teams but started out as a programmer and that background can be seen a lot in her chosen methods and approaches. She has a passion for making quality a state of mind rather than a role and loves teaching others how to approach a system from a testers perspective. She hates the term "best practice" and could argue for hours about why automation is GREAT but can never replace other types of testing, Lena hates finding "easy" defects, hearing the words "that's not in the requirements" and loves when a team no longer needs her.

Outside of work she passionately LOVES everything related to fantasy! Books, movies, anime, art, GAMES! Who needs a dining room when you can fill it with pin ball- and arcade machines? OR A DANCE MACHINE!