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Nils Hedström

If Skadeförsäkring

What Service Fabric has done for me
Oscarssalen (2nd floor), Friday 13:30 - 14:20

Service Fabric is a microservice framework from Microsoft that is used to build many great services that we all know (Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Cortana, Microsoft Power BI etc). But is it a good idea to use it for smaller projects and smaller teams? What benefits/challenges will you face if you decide to use it? Nils will try to answer these questions as he describes how he used Service Fabric at his current job.

Nils Hedström

Nils is a system developer/architect with 18 years of professional experience working at If Skadeförsäkring in Stockholm. He is a full stack developer using technology like Angular, Microsoft.NET and Azure.

He is passionate about learning new things, finding the best way to use it but also to share that knowledge with his collegues. When he is not standing in front of a computer he is often skydiving from an aeroplane.