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Pontus Wittenmark

Warm Kitten

ASP.NET Core for ASP.NET Developers
Ordenssalen (3rd floor), Friday 09:00 - 09:50

So what does ASP.NET (MVC) developers need to know to move to ASP.NET Core? Pontus creates a new project from scratch and points out everything you need to know along the way, stuff like:

What is .NET Core vs .the NET Standard? Should our ASP.NET Core apps target .NET or .NET Core? What about Web Forms? (spoiler: nope) What about Project.json? (another spoiler: nope) How does Entity Framework Core match up against Entity Framework 6? What are these new files in my solution?

Pontus Wittenmark

Pontus is a passionate trainer and consultant with close to two decades of experience. He's also a huge music nerd, likes to develop games in his spare time and enjoys a good game of table tennis (even though he's pretty crap). He's also a certified MCT, MCPD, MCTS and holds a shocking amout of courses in anything related to C# and ASP.NET.