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Therése Boija

Academic Work

Adding strategic communication to UX development
Spegelsalen (1st floor), Thursday 15:40 - 16:30

Asking UX and front-end developers, most of them would agree that you can develop the most brilliant IT solution in the world, and still it wouldn't be used unless the end user understands how to use it. The importance of an easy to use application grows bigger every day. In fact, a well laid out interface can save a lot of time for the end user as well as earning money for the company.

There are many clear parallels between media- and communication science and UX- development. For starters, they both focus on branding and design. Tweaking the subject further this talk will focus on strategic communication and how that theory can be applied to UX development.

Therése Boija

Therése is a project manager at Tieto. In 2017 she completed an accelerated learning process in Java-based programming where she first encountered UX-development. Through her training she has gained experience in various programming languages. Therése is very experienced in customer satisfaction and has good knowledge of project management, business development, giving lectures and graphic design. In 2012 she graduated in media and communication science. After her education, she ran her own communications agency for three years.