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Stockholm, 7-8 February 2019

Call for Speakers

Would you like to be one of our speakers? Register your session(s) on our Sessionize page before October 1st.

“I have spoken a couple of times at user groups, many times at a company but I never ever had spoken at a conference before until this week at Swetugg 2016. It was awesome!!„[mer]

Jaime, speaker 2016

“Jag inledde presentationen med att förklara hur säkerhet ofta blir en eftertanke. Sedan gick jag genom tre viktiga aspekter i att integrera säkerhet...„[mer]


Tickets go on sale November 1st at 10:00 and will be 1500kr each.
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The board

Anders Ljusberg
Cecilia Wirén
Håkan Fahlstedt
Jessica Engström
Magnus Sax


Cristian Carlsson
Fabian Miiro
Jimmy Engström
Joakim Olesen
John Bergdahl
Lena Pejgan Nyström Wiberg
Pelle Johansson
Sarah Kjörk
Sigge Sax
Ulrika Bladh